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JP Tró Extract has a unique formulation in the world thanks to all our studies and processes. For all ages and no side effects. In addition, now our extract has new allies: Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D that contribute to the normal functioning of the defenses or immune system. In addition, within the cellular immune system, macrophages are found in various subsets, pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory, which help tissue repair. This balance between inflammation and anti-inflammation makes them, among other things, the guardians of the joints. Epithelial-type macrophages slow down the inflammatory response by providing protection through intra-articular tight junctions.

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On the other hand, Zinc and Selenium, among other things, contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, to the maintenance of the skin and contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress (aging). It should be noted that Vitamin D also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, to the maintenance of muscle function and to the absorption and/or utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

Depression, as well as stress and lack of rest, decrease our defenses. In addition, stress and depression cause continuous fatigue and in most cases generate discontinuous or inadequate rest. Having a normal functioning immune system helps to directly combat depression, stress and lack of rest.